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on this occasion I will explain about a lazy visitor/visitors click the ads on our blogs.Your blog doesn't get the results of PPC ads like adsense? It is possible that the visitor of your blog included in the criteria which I will discuss in this article is specifically about the origin of the visitor.

Knowing where large scale the origin of the visitors of your Blog is a very effective way to optimize revenue from your Adsense ads Clicks, because as we know, it turns out there are some visitors who are adept at know of any ad or not, so he was lazy click the ad, they assumed that "create what click ads, anyway later that get money got blog" and among the visitors – visitors "a lazy click ads" is :
  1. Visitor Blogger (almost the average don't want to click the ads, already know the heck what is adsense), not all yea ...
  2. Emergency Visitor (just need information only, the bounce rate is usually high)
  3. Visitors to COPY PASTE (its work just want COPAS your articles only, never want to click ads)
  4. "Stingy", most visitors from Indonesia, anyway he he (he's a bit "stingy"), honest aja deh, per visit blog have you helped with a click his ads?
It can be concluded, see what is being a little Adsense ads because the clicks from visitors is the direction for optimisation of our work to continue to develop the potential of Click Adsense ads from the blog that we manage, for by knowing a problem, then that we learn to correct these problems. Well, the explanation from me, hope you more diligent click ads
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