Histats vs StatCounter, which is the best to see Visitor Website?

For most of the blogger or website owner, may already be familiar with the name Histats and StatCounter. Both online services are often used by the owner of the website to find out how much the visitor who comes to their website and original visits anywhere from his traffic.

But already you know facts regarding both brands are essentially different companies but offer a service with a function that in general, we can say the same? Now they (Histats.com and StatCounter.com) still continues to compete fairly tight.

And at this time the article, we will try to compare the two. By looking at the functionality as well as its popularity in each country and also based on facts.

Talk about the facts and to make it more independent or impartial, then we can see the first ranking sites based on the assessment of Alexa.com and Google PageRank.(Pagerank, the greater the number, the better, while the Alexa Rank, the smaller the number, the better). The following data:

From the above data, it can be concluded that StatCounter has traffic greater than Histats. A bit of a clue that we can already guess from the beginning of this review, that the StatCounter in the world ranking turns are more popular than Histats.

Then which is the best? Histats or StatCounter?

See statistical data and facts previously above it can be concluded that StatCounteris more controlled than on the world market Histats. And if we're talking which is better between them, we can see also in terms of the popularity of its use. Certainly a growing number of users likely to get a lot more trust from the users.

Certainly, you can own conclusion. But also note that technology will always change, dominance about statistical data above will also be constantly changing depending on how innovations they present on their service in the future.
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