How to Create a Facebook Account US to Maximize Traffic

you love to spam on social media? you need to implement ways to make powerful facebook clone account to increase traffic

How to Create a Facebook Account US

  1. prepare 50-number phone cards
  2. Phone card is used for account verification
  3. Fill out the Profile of the account until it reaches 100%, so it looks natural and the possibility of safer against hurricanes banned from State API Account profile includes a place to live, work, and hometown all USA education
  4. If the full facebook profile account, facebook will then automatically Displays the news are currently Trending according to countries
  5. Each on the right side of the page. So a need to bother looking more hot news.

Other ways to make a Facebook account

  1. use the Android Smartphone to create Gmail account
  2. from the Gmail account that was made through the Android, open a Gmail account you with the PC
  3. make a Multi Account Chrome for each Gmail account that was made
  4. from each account, Chrome make a Facebook account that already we take the idea of Fake Name Generator
  5. In this way do not need verification number

    that's about how to create a facebook account US to maximize traffic, may be useful for you all
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