How to troubleshoot a Leverage Browser Caching After Check in PageSpeed Insight

After checking your blog in PageSpeed Insight, have you found a problem like this?

on this occasion, I will explain how to overcome laverage Leverage Browser Caching on the blogger platform.

How to troubleshoot a Leverage Browser Caching After Check Your Blogspot in  PageSpeed Insight

Well, keep on how the solution? How to Leverage browser caching settings for Blogger or Blogspot blog page loading in order to become lighter and be fast to access your blog?

Following this Tutorial, and it is not too difficult
1. open
2. click the Edit > places
3. Copy and paste the following code after the code <head>
<include path="/assets/**.css" expiration="7d" />
<include path="/assets/**.js" expiration="7d" />
<include path="/assets/**.gif" expiration="3d" />
<include path="/assets/**.jpeg" expiration="3d" />
<include path="/assets/**.jpg" expiration="3d" />
<include path="/assets/**.png" expiration="3d" />
4. If already, now click on Save Template. Done.

After the save try test the speed of your blog on Google Pagespeed.

And see the result.
Well maybe it's just the tutorial from me, pretty simple right, hope this post is useful for bloggers like you
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