The Latest Battery Technology, Fast Charging and Lasting up to a week

Researchers from the University of Central Florida managed to find a battery of sophisticated technology. Supercapacitor they found could be used to make the batteries need charging time in seconds. Not only that, the battery also has a long durability, can be used for up to one week.

Supercapacitor produced in this research does have a size small. However, these supercapacitors have the ability to store energy in great numbers. Size is no bigger than a fingernail. In addition, supercapacitor also has a size that is thin and flexible.

Any researchers say, tiny design makes this superkapasitor battery can be used for various types of small-sized devices. Start a wearable device or smartphone and tablet. Moreover, it has the battery endurance up to 30 thousand times charging. Professor Niti Choudhary, one of the researchers who participated said, once the battery charging can take up to a week. Superkapasitor battery durability is much higher thanlithium ion batteries. Typically, lithium-ion battery was only able to hold between 300 to 500 times of charging. Even if it is still in use, the battery's energy capacity willdecline, only able to accommodate 70 percent of energy. Unfortunately, this superkapasitor battery technology is still not found in electronic devices sold on the market. However, the potential of these new technologies will be happening in the next few years. Cool the tablets, do not need to charge the battery for a week.
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