Google Adsense Anti-Fraud Click Script

Welcome to this website, I will start a discussion topic about the click fraud, you have a google Adsense account? ever find a surge in an outstanding click? well, this event called click fraud. signs of fraud click typically spike in the presence of clicks on the ads the same consecutively. What is the impact for your Adsense? of course, it could be bad for your account with points that can lead to your account suspended or even banned. Why your ads are clicked? Perhaps because it is not happy with the success you achieved now.
anti fraud click

next, to the main topic, I will share the script simple yet potent enough to secure your AdSense account from other people's ignorance and prevent Fraud Click. Well, here is the script:

Install this code above the code </head> in your blog's template

Google Adsense Anti-Fraud Click Script 

<!--Anti Fraud Click By Trywebknowledge-->
< script src = ' https: '/// >
< script async = ' async ' src = ' '/>
<!--Anti Fraud Click By Trywebknowledge-->

the workings of this script are if there is a click on your ad more than 3 x your ads do not appear automatically for 1 ip address for 24 hours. Interesting isn't it?

Well, to install script please in your blog, hopefully with the existence of this script can help you deal with cases of fraud click at this time.
Good luck.
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