Here are the 5 Traits of your Blog Preferred by Visitor

As a #blogger, of course, we expect the blog that we have could be preferred and acceptable to many people. Why? Of course when our blog is preferable and acceptable to a lot of people then what we are going to plan on our blogs such as popularity or blog monetization will be more likely to manifest. But how do we know that our blog is preferred or not by a netizen? Here are the signs or characteristics that the blog that we have favored by many people.

1. Return Visitor

Characteristics or the first sign that your blog is the existence of many of the people preferred return guest. What is a return visitor? Return visitor is a visitor or a guest who traveled back to a blog. This means that after a person comes for the first time, he was interested in coming for the second time and so on.

Then how can we know the visitor came up more than once (return guest)? Here's how you install Google Analytics on your blog. from Google Analytics then you need to see an indication of the return visitor at the audience overview.

2. Bounce Rate and AVG. Session Duration

Next, the characteristics and the sign that your blog is preferred and acceptable to many people is the bounce rate and AVG. Session duration. What is bounce rate and AVG? Session length?

Bounce rate is the percentage of its abundance of the visitor who just visited 1 page or pages of your site and after that leave your blog.
While the Avg. Session duration is the length of time spent by a visitor in 1 session visit (which is 1 session is calculated per 30 minutes).

From this conclusion that the lower the bounce rate of a blog then the better Your blog value anyway, and vice versa, while for AVG. Session duration is valid provided that the longer the time of Avg. Session length of your blog then it means your blog is well worth it because of the sign that the blog much preferred visitor who spent much time to explore the contents of the blog.


Furthermore, the characteristics and signs that a blog with many people liked and that is a lot of comments that appear. Yes, the comment will indeed always be size or standard that the visitor has read it thoroughly and respond with the contents of the blog. Well here is valid provided that the more people were commenting on your blog then that means the blog reflects that increasingly preferred and acceptable to a visitor.

But especially for components this one you need to notice that comments are counted as a sign of his liking a blog comment is really a comment upon the content of the article is not a blog, a comment in the form of a promotion or other spam or comments in the form of a link blog that just want to simply leave the backlink to your own blog.

4. Share or Backlinks

The case also reflects that your blog is preferred and acceptable to many people is the presence of backlinks of your blog to other people that you might not recognize. Not just back links, there is a sharing of articles or posts that You compose by a visitor You also point out that your blog is preferred and acceptable to the people. One more thing if any visitor who then recommend your blog then it is also a sign that your blog is preferred and endeared netizen.

5. Subscriber or Followers

Lastly, the characteristics and the sign that the blog preferred and acceptable to many people is the number of subscriber or followers. What is a subscriber? Subscribers are people who register their email to subscribe and follow your blog. The subscriber is arguably a sort of follower or followers in social media, but the term is in the blog subscriber. The subscriber can also liken as a subscriber of your blog articles.

Now, therefore, this subscriber is valuable for anyone looking to favorite blogs or generate revenue. Therefore try to make content-content that is original and useful for many people so then many visitors who registers their email as a sign he became a subscriber.
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